• All standard products manufactured by Prismatique are warranted to be free of material and workmanship defects for five years from the date of delivery. Warranty is non-transferable and applies to original purchaser only. Prismatique will replace or repair (at our discretion) without cost to our customers any item found to be defective due to materials or workmanship. Prismatique retains the right to decline repair or replacement of items that have been abused (including exposure to climate variations in temperature or humidity) or subjected to any use other than that which was originally intended for our product. Any repairs by the customer must be pre-approved by Prismatique or warranty is voided. In no event shall liability under this warranty exceed the original purchase price.
  • The following exceptions are included in the above warranty:
    1. Customized products – any item deemed “custom” will not qualify for full warranty. Limited warranty may be available but must be negotiated prior to order acceptance and clearly stated on the order. If Prismatique agrees to supply an uncommon tabletop material, we will follow all related manufacturer published instructions but as these materials are often not recommended for large, horizontal surfaces inspection must take into account the inherent nature of the material. Warranty for such materials must be negotiated prior to order acceptance.
    2. Painted Back Glass – As a third party manufactured material, glass can include some inherent imperfections (eg. small scratches, blemishes and/or dirt particles) often located within the layers of the glass. The degree of visual impact once painted can vary based on location and color selected. We strive to minimize this presence on our finished tabletops but because it is the nature of glass, these imperfections may appear but are not considered a material defect and therefore not subject to replacement under warranty.
    3. Electrical components – warranty limited to one year from date of delivery;
    4. Functional Mechanisms – warranty limited to three years from date of delivery;
    5. Plastic Laminates – warranty is covered by specific laminate manufacturer, not covered under Prismatique warranty;
    6. Wood Veneers / Finishes – the natural variations of wood are beyond the control of Prismatique and are therefore not considered defects under this warranty. All veneers are carefully selected for uniformity of color and grain. Light finishes do not mask the characteristics of most wood species; often pieces of the same wood product will not look matched. The natural color of lightly stained veneers also causes variations in the overall appearance of the products.
Reasonable Inspection
  • For purposes of product warranty no claims will be considered without adherence to reasonable inspection. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Normal office lighting conditions. This includes overhead ambient lighting of all types but does not include unfiltered, side natural light.
    2. Arms length distance. Inspection distance must be reasonable.
    3. Timely inspection within one day of final assembly/installation.