Prismatique is committed to conducting our business with environmental sensitivity. We are flexible in our customized product design by collaborating with our design partners to specify creative table solutions incorporating eco-friendly components. We take the initiative, as specialists in tables only, within our standard product offering to build with green components and to pioneer the use of alternative materials whenever possible. Our mission is to demand of ourselves and our suppliers increased focus and attention to compliance to all established standards within our product solutions.

LEED-CI Certification

Projects registering for LEED-CI certification may review the support documents below related to core product components and/or assemblies and their adherence to required criteria under checklist categories: MR “Materials & Resources”; EQ “Indoor Environmental Quality” and ID “Innovation & Design Process”. Under our “customize with confidence” program optimum ID points can be obtained by collaborating with Prismatique on innovative material applications in the table product segment. As specialists our focus in this category allows for extensive design flexibility especially in the area of tabletops where “alternative” materials can assist in attaining additional innovation points.

Our Products

Prismatique products are effectively “assemblies” consisting of several sub-component parts made from a variety of materials (either standard or customized) into a final item composite. Therefore, we carefully manage the individual parts and our sources of supply to ensure positive environmental practices are inherent in as many components as possible.

  1. All core materials used are supplied by a single source, Flakeboard Co.Ltd.(EPP-CPA Certified) with all particleboard or medium density fiberboard manufactured with recycled and recovered wood fiber (MR Credit 4.1 & 4.2).

    Flakeboard Co.Ltd. – EPP – CPA Certification

  2. All paints and adhesives are free of hazardous components. All spent finishing materials are recycled and reused resulting in minimal waste by-product (EQ Credit 4.1; 4.2 & 4.4).

    Paint – Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    Adhesives – Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

  3. Several common product assemblies were tested by an accredited, independent lab for VOC emissions and all were compliant to the “State Of Washington Standard for Indoor Air Quality”. Additionally, the formaldehyde compliance criterion was also met (EQ Credit 4.1; 4.2 & 4.4).

    VOC Emissions & Formaldehyde Test Results

  4. Surface Materials:
    1. Painted Back Glass – As a new tabletop alternative for all table sizes, this material offers a way to reduce further depletion of veneer resources especially for large conference table applications.
    2. Veneer – We offer an array of common, readily available species and promote the use of other rapidly renewable alternatives rather than exotic, endangered species having more finite sources of supply.
    3. Stone – With a portfolio of carefully selected standard granites and marbles our offering tries to balance the need to supply popular stones with the objective of ensuring that sustainable stone types are more widely used while also allowing for the specification of other custom stones.
    4. Laminates – We will provide our products with any specified laminate subject to quoting an upcharge price for those categorized as premium by their manufacturer.
    5. Others – We promote eco-friendly materials for tabletops under our “customize with confidence” program.

  5. Table Bases:

    In addition to offering industry standards such as Drum, Cube, and Plate bases our focus has been on introducing more environmentally aware materials in our new base options.

    1. Nextt – Manufactured in stainless steel only; allows for polished or brushed finish without the need for chroming or use of chrome plating facilities.
Our Process

There are several initiatives in place to ensure operational and manufacturing efficiency with an emphasis on procedures that “re-use not lose” excess materials in order to continue to decrease our landfill contribution, eliminate airborne emissions and minimize energy consumption.

  1. We do not dispose of any risk materials through the municipal sewage or water systems. Removal and disposal is contracted out to licensed and regulated risk material specialists.
  2. Water from our facilities meets or exceeds discharge criteria for Metropolitan Toronto.
  3. By products such as laminate and veneer scraps, excess coreboard, edging etc. is either reused or accumulated and bulk shipped back to the supplier for recycling or ground up to minimize landfill impact.
  4. All Colora paints are polyurethane and “dry spray” applied to minimize off gassing and reduce excess paint.
  5. Prismatique facilities do not include chroming operations. We promote chrome alternatives but when specified we contract out to chrome plating subcontractors with licensed and regulated facilities.
  6. We do not use corrugated packaging. Our carriers are air ride moving companies (no common carriers) and therefore we are able to ship products either blanket wrapped in reusable blankets or packaged in recycled, particleboard crates.